Painting tips

Creating room space with colors

Thanks to the different properties of warm and cold colors , we can not only create corresponding us mood, but also visually correct proportions of the rooms. Properly selected color palette allows us to improve the space in such a way that the large rooms will be more cozy and small and narrow room will seem more spacious . Just remember that bright and cool colors reflect more light and optically move away from the wall or ceiling is not looking at the person . The dark colors and warm – quite the contrary. These colors absorb light falling on it , visually bringing the painted surface. In other words, all warm colors , or reds, yellows and oranges , create the illusion of reducing the space. The use of cold colors such as greens and blues , aims to create the appearance of increasing distance and expanding space. The colors also allow us to create light in our house.Dark room , where there is little natural light can illuminate the sun warm colors such as golden yellow, pink , red. The unique effect can give you a call with fiery colors of sunshine such as “orange light” and “red flamenco”. Great importance for the creation of light in the room also have cold colors . It may seem that cool colors will not positively affect the illumination of the interior of our house. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cool colors, such as bright blues and greens make the house a fresh, light filled atmosphere. People who value the natural look may be tempted to paint the walls in shades of green , which is not only visually enlarge the interior, but also will be associated with the womb of nature. The effect of freshness provide the same colors , like the ” kiwi green “, ” light green pastel ” or ” green of the Amazon ” . By increasing the amount of light in the room will make it small and cramped room will seem larger and more spacious.