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Tips – painting the walls, the color selection

 What to do to our house , the apartment was more cozy ? Our advice : Paint the  walls in your home. In this season are fashionable walls in pastel colors. Colors.  The choice of paint color and decorative techniques . Colour affects our mood. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully choose colors for the interior , in which we live . When choosing a color , you must also remember :
  • Lighting ,
  • The color of furniture, carpets ,
  • Purpose room.
  • Dark colors will decrease the room , bright enlarge them ,
  • Cool colors (eg blue ) give the impression of a larger space ,
  • Warm colors (eg, red) give the impression of a smaller space.
How do the colors on us ?
  • Red is the color of joy, but also aggression , stimulates our psyche , is introduced in a good mood. Revives and heated dark room. It is used in dining rooms or kitchens, as an appetite stimulant . Shall also apply in the hallway, hallway , playroom .
  • Blue is the color of a cool, calming . The color is muted and soothing. It can make the mood of melancholy and despondency. Dark blue on large surfaces can be depressing . In contrast well with whites and pastels with a similar intensity. Particularly friendly bright shades . Good color for bedroom and nursery.
  • The green color represents harmony, nature, symbolizes life and vitality. This color and relaxes . Green optically enlarges the space and the best use of its warm tones . It is recommended for rooms for resting and in the rooms of hyperactive children .
  • Yellow color represents joy , warmth, cordiality . It is the color of the sun, the white , best reflects the light . Yellow enlarges and brightens the room , it gives a lot of good energy. Good color to the cool interior , without direct access to the sun . Used in rooms designed for learning.
  • Purple is the color of penitence and humility . The safest way to use it as an additive color or on a single wall. Light and medium drones applies to rooms in which to rest. In contrast, a strong violet better not to use or only used temporarily such as interior corridors .
  • Orange is the color of positive stimulates the mind to action. Associated with energy and health status.  It has a big impact on appetite and it must be used with caution in dining rooms and kitchens. It works as a color on a single wall or as a group of additives , rather than a color to the whole room .
  • Grey color indicates lack of confidence . It is neutral , neither stimulating or calming , neither warm nor cold . It is a perfect background for other colors.
  • Brown is a neutral color . Associated with security and stability , comfort is common sense . They are a perfect backdrop for the additives in a different color . We use it when we want to call the warm atmosphere and the feeling of coziness .
  • The pink color is associated with care , sympathy , but more important soothes emotions. It can be used as the main color in the room.
  • The white color symbolizes purity and innocence . White reflects light perfectly , and is therefore a neutral backdrop for other colors.
  • Black color symbolizes mourning , darkness . Black absorbs light , it does not reflect any rays. Do not use black as the main color in the room.
The selection of appropriate lighting . Proper selection of lighting gives a special mood . It can make a cozy interior condition or unpleasant. During the day, fulfills the role of natural sun light . The larger the window, the room is more lit . However, in the evening our house, apartment we illuminate with artificial light . Great attention should be paid when deploying lighting . It should be set so as to perform various tasks do not obstruct each light. Chandelier placed in the center of the ceiling in this respect is very useful , but not doświetli interiors in every nook and cranny . Therefore, the interior light should be tailored to the tasks to be fulfilled .
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