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A Guide to Avoiding Common Wallpaper Installation Mistakes

I’ve encountered a few common mistakes in Chicago wallpaper installation that we’d like to share with you.
  • Firstly, resist the urge to make hasty decisions. Choosing wallpaper in Chicago is a long-term commitment, so take your time and avoid jumping onto fleeting trends. Tape a swatch to your wall and live with it for a few days to be sure about the pattern and color.
  • Remember, not every wallpaper suits every room. Architecture matters! Select a pattern that complements the space’s layout, especially if you have niches or angled ceilings. Consider the room’s purpose and choose the right material accordingly, such as vinyl for bathrooms.
  • Scale is crucial. Measure your walls accurately and pay attention to paneling, molding, or trim that might interfere with the wallpaper. Oversized patterns can lead to awkward cut-offs, so be mindful of your room’s dimensions.
  • Don’t skimp on wallpaper quantity. Ordering just enough might leave you with gaps on the wall. This is particularly problematic if you have a hand-painted or printed pattern, as color lots may differ between shipments.
  • Think about focal points before installing the wallpaper. Proper placement ensures you highlight the desired elements and avoid cutting off crucial parts of the pattern.
  • If your room isn’t ready, hold off on wallpaper installation. Installing it prematurely can result in scuffs and damage. Patience is key; save the installation for the final stages of your project.
  • While do-it-yourself projects are commendable, wallpaper installation requires expertise. Hiring a professional wallpaper installer in Chicago ensures a flawless result, considering factors like wall preparation, measurement calculations, and precise installation.
  • Lastly, be mindful of crooked seams. Using the wrong adhesive or improperly leveling the first panel can lead to mismatched seams. Attention to detail during installation is crucial for a seamless finish.
In conclusion, wallpaper is an investment, and it pays to avoid these common mistakes. Take your time, consider the specifics of your space, and enlist professional help of company Windy City Painters Chicago for a satisfactory outcome. Your walls will thank you.
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