Lakeview water damage drywall repair

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Scope of work: Chicago painter removed all peeling tapes, paint and loose insulation, Install new screws around the damage to lift the drywall and tighten to ceiling joists, Seal water spots, Install missing insulation, Close the drywall opening: install drywall, tape, mud and sand, Prime new drywall with PVA primer, Paint the ceiling: two coats […]

Paint application methods:

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Paint brushing:  Today used mainly for small surfaces  (eg. Corners hardly accessible corners), priming and painting with dense high viscosity paint when the brush reaches out to create various types of wall decoration . Brush is the oldest technique renewal rooms. The advantages of this method of painting are: simple and inexpensive equipment ease of […]

Roscoe Village plaster repair

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The scope of work included: repair old plaster damages: stress cracks, nail holes, crumbling plaster. seal smoke odor with oil-based primer. Paint the ceilings with Sherwin Williams white flat CHB paint. Paint the walls with Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 flat paint. Clean the living room, hallway, and closet. Time of realization 2 days Chicago painter. […]