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The final word in painting

Lakeview water damage drywall repair

Scope of work:

  • Chicago painter removed all peeling tapes, paint and loose insulation,
  • Install new screws around the damage to lift the drywall and tighten to ceiling joists,
  • Seal water spots,
  • Install missing insulation,
  • Close the drywall opening: install drywall, tape, mud and sand,
  • Prime new drywall with PVA primer,
  • Paint the ceiling: two coats of Sherwin Williams ZeroVOC white semi-gloss paint.
  • Paint the walls around old drywall water damage with Sherwin Williams ZeroVOC eggshell paint. Paint matched existing color.

Paint application methods:

  1. Paint brushing: 

Today used mainly for small surfaces  (eg. Corners hardly accessible corners), priming and painting with dense high viscosity paint when the brush reaches out to create various types of wall decoration .

Brush is the oldest technique renewal rooms. The advantages of this method of painting are:

  • simple and inexpensive equipment
  • ease of painting
  • less complicated painting hard to reach areas
  • good use of paint and a small loss while painting
  • good coverage of the substrate (the possibility of a good rubbing the coating material in the pores and uneven surfaces).

The disadvantages of this technique are:

  • time-consuming paint (approx. 10 m2 / h)
  • difficulties in applying fast-drying product
  • leaving stokes (traces of the brush).

Painting begins with the preparation of the brush. In order to remove him from dust and loose hair tool wash in soapy water, then rinse thoroughly and dry it. Thus prepared, the brush is ready to paint.

This technique due to its nature requires that the paint used to paint with a brush characterized by a longer drying time. Apply with a brush so easily, eg. Oil paints. They are suitable for the tool with a short, hard bristles. Paint drying quickly, such as for example. Enamels (acrylic, vinyl) require the application of a special technique and experience. The better to apply a flat brush with soft bristles.

The undoubted disadvantage of brushing is the formation of so-called. strokes, which traces go brush. This can be overcome by using leveling the surface of a flat brush or changing some techniques of painting. Lightly tapping on Tracing the end of the brush with long soft bristles. However, this is time consuming and requires precision.


  1. Roller application:

The method most popular because of its high performance and simplicity of execution. This technique paint ceilings, walls, impregnate wood furniture pickles.

Advantages paint roller:

  • cheap, simple and readily available hardware
  • fast and easy application
  • uniform coverage equal smooth walls

Disadvantages of this technique are the following:

  • difficulties in painting worse places available
  • inaccurate coverage of rough surfaces and structures
  • difficult to control thickness.

On large surfaces Chicago painter  distribute the paint with a large (18-25 cm) rolle , performing vertical movements. Painting always end up in the same direction. When painting a surface (a wall), we should not do breaks, but combine consecutive fragments of the “wet on wet”. The paint on the roller kidding abundantly with paint tray and distribute as evenly as possible on the ground and slightly leading shaft. When the paint is dry, you should not make local improvements, but to paint the entire wall. This applies particularly to paint an intense color.

  1. Method of spraying (HVLP or airless)

This method requires complicated and expensive equipment and the skills of its service and specialty paints. Spraying techniques are extremely powerful but challenging experience. Due to their nature, they are used rather the need for painting a very large surfaces.

When planning a renovation in your home, especially if we plan to do it the first time, it is best to use a mixed technique – brush (in hard to reach places) and roller (large wall surfaces).

Wicker Park ceiling drywall water damage repair

  • Remove damaged drywall: 3ft x 5ft and wet insulation,
  • Seal torn paper with oil-based primer,
  • Install insulation and 5/8″ drywall,
  • Tape, mud and sand the drywall,
  • Prime and paint the ceiling.

Roscoe Village plaster repair

The scope of work included:

  • repair old plaster damages: stress cracks, nail holes, crumbling plaster.
  • seal smoke odor with oil-based primer.
  • Paint the ceilings with Sherwin Williams white flat CHB paint.
  • Paint the walls with Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 flat paint.
  • Clean the living room, hallway, and closet.
  • Time of realization 2 days Chicago painter.