Windy City Painters of Chicago  install most of wallpapers available on the market, including:

  • grass cloth – delicate, textured wallcovering. Not scrubbale,
  • fabric backed wallpaper – strong, durable, scrubbable wallcovering,
  • unpasted wallpaper,
  • solid vinyl prepasted – peelable wallcovering. leaves a paper backing
  • untrimmed wallpaper,
  • commercial style wallpaper,
  • photo murals –  one wall covering,
  • liner paper – wallcovering for problem walls. Installed horizontally.
  • paintable, textured wallcovering – can hide wall imperfections.

Standard installation procedure includes:

  • preparation: drywall / plaster repairs: stress cracks, water damages, nail pops, nail holes, uneven surface, skim coating,
  • walls priming: Roman wallpaper primer – RX35
  • installation: only skilled / experienced installer can do the job. Wallpaper is much more expensive than paint. Every mistake cost more than paint splash, scratch etc.
  • Average room wallpaper installation takes two days including all preparation.
  • Fabric and grass cloth installation is usually costs 50% more than regular wallpaper .
  • Commercial style wallpaper installation usually cost 20% less than regular wallpaper. This wallpaper is also more durable than other covering.

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