Beyond the color

Character of the interior, we can build not only by the selection of the same color, but also through the use of various painting techniques that can be successfully applied to the surfaces of the walls and furniture. Adding interesting textures highlight the climate inside the house , as well as additional heats or cools the prevailing mood in it . For example, currently very popular is the technique of aging paint. Use it creates the impression that the painted walls and objects have been subjected to the passage of time , which gives the room a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Once a decision is made whether our house to be warm or cold , and when we decide on the appropriate color palette , there is still one thing to keep in mind . Well, are also important materials with which we compare data colors . To the interior of the room was fine-tuned in every respect, must skillfully combine with other color finishes . There are many principles that guide here decorators . And yes, every cool color with an intense shade should be combined with metal, glass , plastic. In the case of warm colors , statement red and yellow with dark wood gives an expression of elegance , yet creates a cozy, romantic atmosphere .
In order to quickly and effectively change the decor of our home , the easiest way to do this is the right change its color . The rich palette of paints that offer us various companies in the market , makes that we have more and more opportunities to create mood in our home and meet their own vision of the arrangement of its interior. Everyone will know what has ideas arrangement of its “four corners”. Some prefer to surround yourself with the warm , deep colors. Compile together various shades of red, yellow and brown , so creating a space that was covering them cozy and friendly atmosphere. Others, however, are in favor of cool, modern interior that soothe the senses and brings a blissful feeling of relaxation . Regardless of which group we belong and what are our color preferences, we should always bear in mind that our house painting  paint his mood .