Painting tips

Ceilings painting

To paint the ceilings we should use flat products which limit the phenomenon of glare and creating reflections. We propose to use the following products : Sherwin Williams white flat CHB paint.

Before painting:

Always before using the product , read the recommendations contained in this data sheet or packaging. Color paint and  primer should be identical , or as close as possible to the color of the topcoat .
When painting:

Before starting work, the product should be mixed thoroughly . If you plan to paint the entire room should start from the ceiling and then proceed to paint the walls .
Painting of ceilings especially those with a high surface area are made in the following manner :
The paint on the painted fragment we put in different directions starting from the center section of the coated and pull the whole leading roller always in the same direction, i.e. from left to right , in order to obtain uniform texture . The pressure roller for the surface in the first step is larger due to the desire to obtain good opacity, a second weaker because in this way it is easier to obtain this uniformity .
Individual fragments combine with each other wet on wet .
Painting along the shorter side .
Ceilings , the length of the shorter side goes beyond the 15-20 ft worth to paint the team (min. double )
Low relative humidity in the room can cause water-borne paint may dry too quickly while painting.
Too high humidity may lengthen the drying time of products to dangerous levels , which in turn can give eg discoloration or gloss difference .
If the painting is to be continued the next day to be a roller or brush to put a plastic bag and seal the bag.