Painting tips

Creating the interior climate

Depending on the composition of colors in each room we can create various moods. Skillfully changing the color scheme , the interior can be arranged in a modern or traditional style , as well as make it will be vibrant and energetic or quiet and relaxing. Based on the simple principle of selection palette, which says that warm colors such as yellow, orange, red stimulates and cold colors – purple, blue, green – calm, we can match the mood of the room to our temperament. Playing with colors, we can also affect how our room to be seen. If it is too small or too big, too dark, or too much sun, it actually chosen colors will help to correct all the imperfections. Depending on the range of colors, the interior of our home can be elegant and expressive, or warm and cozy.

Creating the interior climate
Reflecting on the device home or apartment, usually start from color selection to which will be painted wall. This decision often causes considerable problems, because each of us even though the parts are aware that it is properly applied range of colors introduced into our house right climate. Some of us prefer the room, dominated by romantic reds, fiery yellows and oranges, or statement of warm colors, the room introducing sophisticated, yet cozy atmosphere. Such a result can be achieved by selecting the soft pastel. If you want the interior emanated power and elegance is best to choose shades of red. The deep, warm colors make the day our room seem open and spacious. In the evening , when daylight begins to gradually weaken, these colors bring sensual and romantic mood. Statement of yellow and orange evokes summer weather and sunshine. It is no wonder that these colors enliven the space of the room and “raise” the temperature in our house.
Colors, which was decorated house, they can tell us a lot about the tendencies and preferences of its owner. Supporters of colors cold expect their home to be a place of melancholy, relaxation and tranquility. These people are fleeing from the deep warm colors, choosing muted shades of blue, green and purple.

Cold in our home creates an atmosphere casual and relaxed at the same time making the room look fresh, intriguing and modern. As a major feature of reds and yellows, the heating and the introduction of a cozy mood in the room, so natural combination of green and blue cool the interior, creating a sense of peace and harmony.