Painting tips

Painting kids room

Pink for girls and blue for boys – so we usually think when planning a renovation of the walls in the children’s room. Contrary to appearances, we should not follow the beaten schemes . What to look for when choosing a color for your child’s room . …

Painting childishly room – although seemingly should not differ significantly from other rooms renovated – but involves some issues which should not be overlooked. When choosing a color for the children’s room is better not to follow the patterns of the type ” blue for boys, and pink for girls”. The color of the walls should in fact be adapted to the age and needs of the child. Other colors will prove themselves in a room created for the baby , and completely different in the room of a teenager. Similarly, it is good to remember on the performance of the product – the walls in children’s rooms get dirty more often than others. For this reason, you should consider buying high quality latex paint, resistant to frequent washing.

The child’s needs change very much with its development. Therefore, when selecting the color of the room it is best to be guided by what age. When painting a room for a baby or very young child is wise to bet on the color neutral or white, pastels or bright beige This kind of color scheme is neutral in perception, which is important from the point of view of the child’s nervous system , which at the time strongly developing. The use of dark or intense colors could irritate or even cause anxiety in a toddler.

A child at the time he spends plenty of time to play, is full of energy and strong shades do not affect the already not too hard . For this reason, the choice distinctive green , juicy orange or pure blue will not be a problem. A good solution in this age group is also creating colorful compositions on walls or decorating their fairy-tale patterns , which makes the room interesting and more fun to listen to.

On the other hand, when a child starts learning already , you should change the color to a more quiet and subdued . At this time, we have to deal with intense intellectual development and assimilation of large amounts of knowledge. Therefore, the best choice for a room where a child learns and homework will be such a quiet subdued yellow or beige.

Practical wall that is easy to clean

In addition to colors no less important is the practical aspect of the paint to paint the walls in the nursery . First of all this kind of dirty room extremely often, which would require constant washing walls. For this reason, it is wise to choose an emulsion acrylic- latex, which is resistant to abrasion and frequent sail . However, if you want to save , remember that paint with high resistance to abrasion can be applied only on the same wall. In contrast, ceiling or other places that are not exposed to dirt, cheaper, we can paint with acrylic paint .