Lincoln Park fence peeling paint and rust removal

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Our standard metal refinishing procedure  includes all the steps listed below. Remove heavy rust with hammer or needle gun, Remove rust with grinder – 36 grit flap disc and twisted wire cup, Vacuum all paintable surfaces, Protect plants and furniture  with painters  plastic, walkways with drop cloths. Seal the metal with rust converting primer – […]

Wrought iron fences and porches refinishing

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Our standard procedure of wrought iron fence and metal porch painting includes: Rust, peeling paint, grease and dirt removal. To perform this step we use power grinders, power wire brushes, scrapers, denatured alcohol, and paint thinner.  All surfaces must be vacuumed or swept before next step, Priming cleaned surfaces – Rust  converting primer – Rust Destroyer


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Windy Painters install most of wallpapers available on the market, including: grass cloth – delicate, textured wallcovering. Not scrubbale, fabric backed wallpaper – strong, durable, scrubbable wallcovering, unpasted wallpaper, solid vinyl prepasted – peelable wallcovering. leaves a paper backing untrimmed wallpaper, commercial style wallpaper, photo murals –  one wall covering, liner paper – wallcovering for problem walls. Installed […]

Drywall and plaster repair

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Standard plaster and drywall repair procedure: Remove all furniture (if possible), Cover floors with painters drop cloths and furniture with plastic, Remove damaged  drywall, plaster, Support  the rest of drywall or plaster with board adhesive, screws, studs, Seal damaged areas with oil-based primer, Install insulation (if required), Install drywall support: for small damages – stiff mesh, for […]

Interior painting

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