Interior painting

Windy Painters Chicago

2101 W Rice St, Chicago, IL 60622

The Windy Painters Chicago tries to make the whole painting process  painless, quick, and efficient.

Our work day starts around 7:30am.

The painters bring  drop cloths, plastic,  painting tools and the paint.

All furniture are moved to the center of the room.

Floors are protected with drop cloths, furniture with plastic.

The first step is to fix all drywall damages, cracks, nicks and holes. We use fiberglass tape and EasySand 20 compound.

Walls are sanded with a pole sander prior painting.

All baseboards and door /window trims are taped and caulked.

The painters apply two coats of paint.  Usually we use Sherwin Williams Emerald paint.

After the job is done the painters clean the room and vacuum the floor.

Usually the job is done around 5pm.


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Chicago architect

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