Painting tips

Paint application methods:

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Paint brushing:  Today used mainly for small surfaces  (eg. Corners hardly accessible corners), priming and painting with dense high viscosity paint when the brush reaches out to create various types of wall decoration . Brush is the oldest technique renewal rooms. The advantages of this method of painting are: simple and inexpensive equipment ease of […]

Metal refinishing

West Town. Back porch, fence and railings

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Time of realization 3 days.  Early October 2016. Scope of work included: Remove rust and peeling paint. Porch was previously painted with water based paint. That kind of paint doesn’t adhere well to old oil-based finishes and peels. Seal  exposed / grinded  metal with Rust Destroyer primer, Apply one coat of Sherwin Williams Urethane Enamel. […]


Logan Square. Wallpaper accent wall

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Wallpaper installation process includes: Wall repairs – fix  drywall nail or anchor holes, stress cracks, water damages, Prime the wall with wallpaper primer – makes future wallpaper removal much  easier. For dark wallpaper we use pigmented dark primer to make wallpaper seams less visible. Install wallpaper. Final cleanup. Accent wall wallpaper installation usually takes one day / […]