Why to hire a professional to repair drywall water damage in Chicago

Ceiling drywall damage. Why hire a contractor to repair your ceiling?

Drywall water damage caused by a burst pipe may be very challenging. It requires an extensive experience to make the surface flawless and to make drywall damage dissapear
2021.01.15.Lincoln_Park_kitchen_cabinets_refinishing - 1

2021.02.25 Chicago Old Irving park wallpaper installation

Repair drywall damages, nail pops, stress cracks. Sand the wall to remove paint lint. […]
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2021.15.01. Lincoln Park kitchen cabinets refinishing

Protect all floors with contrition paper prior painting. Cover surrounding walls with painters plastic […]
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2020.10.20 West Town kitchen ceiling and wall drywall water damage repair.

West Town kitchen ceiling and wall drywall repair Chicago water damage repair: Remove damaged […]

Wicker Park. Condominium.

Scope of work: Living room, Hallways, two bedrooms and two bathrooms walls painting. Two […]
2017.12.11_Lincoln_Park_balcony_fence_stairs_metal_refinishing - Painter_Chicago-_-Fence-handrails-balcony-stairs-metal-refinishing.-Lincoln-Park-rust-removal-12.jpg

Lincoln Park balcony, fence, stairs metal refinishing

Scope of work done by our painters Chicago: Remove all peeling paint and rust […]

Paint application methods:

Paint brushing:  Today used mainly for small surfaces  (eg. Corners hardly accessible corners), priming […]

West Town. Back porch, fence and railings

Time of realization 3 days.  Early October 2016. Scope of work included: Remove rust […]

Wicker Park, Bucktown back metal porch refinishing

All peeling paint had to be removed.  Windy painters used power grinder with ceramic flap […]

Logan Square. Wallpaper accent wall

Wallpaper installation process includes: Wall repairs – fix  drywall nail or anchor holes, stress cracks, water […]