Windy Painters Chicago, Inc.

The final word in painting

West Town. Back porch, fence and railings

Time of realization 3 days.  Early October 2016.

Scope of work included:

  1. Remove rust and peeling paint.
  2. Porch was previously painted with water based paint. That kind of paint doesn’t adhere well to old oil-based finishes and peels.
  3. Seal  exposed / grinded  metal with Rust Destroyer primer,
  4. Apply one coat of Sherwin Williams Urethane Enamel. Black gloss.
  5. Chicago painter.



Lincoln Park wrought iron fence

  • Job was located near Lincoln Ave  and Seminary Ave intersection, Lincoln Park, Chicago
  • Time of realization: one day,
  • Step first: remove all rust and peeling paint with grinders,
  • Step two: shown in video above –  apply one coat of rust converting primer Rust Destroyer fast dry.
  • Step three: apply one coat of Sherwin Williams Industrial Pro Urethane Enamel. Black gloss.

Bucktown back metal porch.

  • All peeling paint had to be removed.  Windy painters used power grinder with ceramic flap discs.
  • All exposed metal was primed with rust converting primer – Rust Destroyer (the first photo in the gallery).
  • All metal structure, including beams, supporting columns, handrails and spindles was painted with  Sherwin Williams Urethane Enamel.
  • Finish high gloss. Color black.
  • Time of realization: three days.

Chicago painter

Logan Square. Porch, balcony and handrails refinishing

  • Remove heavy rust with hammer,
  • Remove rust with grinder – 36 grit flap disc and twisted wire cup,
  • Vacuum all paintable surfaces,
  • Seal the metal with rust converting primer – Rust Destroyer,
  • Paint the porch: one coat of Sherwin Williams Industrial Urethane Enamel
  • Time of realization: 4 days / three painters.

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