Windy Painters Chicago, Inc.

The final word in painting

Logan Square wallpaper

The scope of work included new baseboards and door trims painting. Used paint: Benjamin Moore Regal Select white semi-gloss.

The walls were painted with Sherwin Williams  ProMar 200 eggshell paint.  The cost of service also covers walls preparation and repairs: stress cracks, nail holes, anchors removal, furniture and floors protection.

Accent wall: before we install the wallpaper the wall needs to be primed. This step makes future wallpaper removal much easier. Wall priming also promote the wallpaper adhesion and make the strips adjustment smoother.

Accent wall / headboard wall wallcovering usually takes one day.

Lincoln Park wallpaper accent wall

Scope of work:

  • Repair drywall damages,
  • Paint the trims with Sherwin Williams white semi-gloss Emerald paint. Two coats,
  • Prime the wall with wallpaper primer to promote adhesion and ease wallpaper adjustment,
  • Install / hang wallpaper.

Logan Square. Wallpaper accent wall

Wallpaper installation process includes:

  1. Wall repairs – fix  drywall nail or anchor holes, stress cracks, water damages,
  2. Prime the wall with wallpaper primer – makes future wallpaper removal much  easier.
  3. For dark wallpaper we use pigmented dark primer to make wallpaper seams less visible.
  4. Install wallpaper.
  5. Final cleanup.
  6. Accent wall wallpaper installation usually takes one day /  one painter.

Chicago painter.