Windy Painters Chicago, Inc.

The final word in painting

Bucktown front fence and cornice refinishing

Rust was removed with angle grinder.  Attachment used:  40 grit flap discs and twisted wire cups.

All cleaned, grinded areas was primed with rust converting primer – Rust Destroyer.   Rust converting primer works much better  that rust inhibitive primers (cheaper products).

Matal was finished with Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Urethane Enamel.

Cornice was finished the same way but  topcoated with white Urethane Enamel.

Chicago painters cleaned job site and  marked fence with “Wet Paint” signs.

The project was finished in two days, with no paint spills on the concrete, no damages etc.

Lakeview water damage drywall repair

Scope of work:

  • Chicago painter removed all peeling tapes, paint and loose insulation,
  • Install new screws around the damage to lift the drywall and tighten to ceiling joists,
  • Seal water spots,
  • Install missing insulation,
  • Close the drywall opening: install drywall, tape, mud and sand,
  • Prime new drywall with PVA primer,
  • Paint the ceiling: two coats of Sherwin Williams ZeroVOC white semi-gloss paint.
  • Paint the walls around old drywall water damage with Sherwin Williams ZeroVOC eggshell paint. Paint matched existing color.