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A Guide to Avoiding Common Wallpaper Installation Mistakes

Discover the key insights to flawless Chicago wallpaper installation. Avoid common mistakes by resisting hasty decisions; choosing wallpaper is a long-term commitment. Test patterns with swatches, considering architecture and room purpose. Scale matters – measure accurately and beware of interference with paneling or trim. Ensure ample wallpaper quantity to prevent gaps, especially with unique patterns. Focus on focal points for proper placement, and hold off on installation until your room is ready to avoid scuffs. While DIY is admirable, trust experts for wallpaper installation in Chicago. Professionals handle wall preparation, measurements, and precise installation. Watch out for crooked seams – using the wrong adhesive can lead to mismatched patterns. Wallpaper is an investment; take time, consider your space, and hire a Chicago professional for a seamless finish your walls will thank you for.
Professional ceiling drywall repair in Chicago by skilled craftsmen, ensuring a flawless finish and lasting quality

Windy City Painters response to ceiling water damage in a kitchen:

Discover the meticulous process of our comprehensive drywall repair service at Windy City Painters. We begin with a detailed Assessment and Inspection, scrutinizing water damage in your kitchen. Our experts examine the soffit above cabinets and side walls to pinpoint areas requiring repair, evaluating damage severity to plan an effective restoration.
Logan_Square_staircase_painting - Logan-Square.-Staircase-walls-painting.-Chicago-painter-3.jpg

10 mistakes to avoid when hiring a painter:

Are you considering hiring a painter in Chicago for your home or business? Before you make a decision, it's crucial to be aware of potential pitfalls that could lead to unsatisfactory results or unexpected issues. In our latest article, we've outlined the ten common mistakes to avoid when hiring a painter. From neglecting to check credentials to paying in full upfront, each point is accompanied by practical solutions to ensure a smooth and successful painting project. Don't let these oversights jeopardize the outcome of your project—read on to make informed decisions and hire a painter with confidence.
Ceiling drywall repair. Chicago water leak damage.

10 Steps to Expertly Repair Ceiling Drywall Water Damages by Windy City Painters, Your Trusted Chicago Painter

Discover the 10 expert steps to repair ceiling drywall water damages with Windy City Painters, your trusted Chicago painter. From assessment to seamless painting, we ensure a flawless restoration, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every detail of your space. Trust us for top-notch repairs that bring your vision to life.
Chicago wallpaper installer. Lincoln Park. Wicker Park. West Loop. Gold Coast

2023.02.23 Lincoln Park Wallpaper installation

Our wallpaper installation procedure: Prepare the Wall: The first step is to ensure that […]
2021.01.15.Lincoln_Park_kitchen_cabinets_refinishing - 1

2021.02.25 Chicago Old Irving park wallpaper installation

Repair drywall damages, nail pops, stress cracks. Sand the wall to remove paint lint. […]
01 - Cabinets-painting.-Chicago-painter.-Wicker-Park.-West-Town.-Lincoln-Park.-West-Loop.-Wallpaper.-Chicago-contractor.-Logan-Square.-Kitchen-painter-11

2021.15.01. Lincoln Park kitchen cabinets refinishing

Protect all floors with contrition paper prior painting. Cover surrounding walls with painters plastic […]
2020.05.08_Wicker_Park_office_painting_Chicago_painter - Wicker-Park-Chicago.-Office-painting.-Chicago-painter.-Interior.-West-Town.-West-Loop.-Painting-contractor-2

2020.05.08 Wicker Park office painting

New advertising company  office building  painting.  Job location Wicker Park near Damen Ave , […]
2020,05,05_West_Loop_Hallway_Lobby_painting - West-Loop-lobby-and-hallway-painting.-Wainscott.-Walls-and-ceilings.-Chicago-painter.-Drywall-repair-6.jpg

West Loop mid-rise hallway and lobby painting.

Repair drywall damages, stress cracks, nail holes. Caulk trim gaps. Ceiling: two coats of […]
Logan_Square_staircase_painting - Logan-Square.-Staircase-walls-painting.-Chicago-painter-3.jpg

Logan Square townhouse staircase walls painting

Scope of work: Tape and caulk step treads, Cover floors with painters drop cloths, […]

Wicker Park. Condominium.

Scope of work: Living room, Hallways, two bedrooms and two bathrooms walls painting. Two […]
2018.02.09_Lakeview_Living_room_fireplace_and_master_bedroom_headboard_wall_painting - Lakeview.-Living-room-fireplace.-master-bedroom-headboard-wall.-3.jpg

Lakeview. Living room fireplace and master bedroom headboard wall painting.

Scope of work: move all furniture away the walls and protect with painters plastic, […]
2017.12.11_Lincoln_Park_balcony_fence_stairs_metal_refinishing - Painter_Chicago-_-Fence-handrails-balcony-stairs-metal-refinishing.-Lincoln-Park-rust-removal-12.jpg

Lincoln Park balcony, fence, stairs metal refinishing

Scope of work done by our painters Chicago: Remove all peeling paint and rust […]
2017.11.17_Chicago_Downtown_Loop_Condominium - Painter_Chicago-_-Drywall-repair.-Water-damage.-Loop.-Downtown.-Painting-contractor-17.jpg

Chicago Downtown. Loop. Condominium

Scope of work: remove mirrors from master bedroom and Den walls, Seal drywall damages […]
2017.11.03_Lincoln_Park_house - Painter_Chicago-_-Lincoln-Park.-House-painting.-Windy-Painters-Chicago-5_1024_768.jpg

Lincoln Park house painting

The house was painted in August 2017. The whole project took three days. The […]
2017.10.30._Wicker_Par_railings_fence_stairs_rust_removal - Windy-Painters-.-Chicago-painter.-Wrought-iron-fence.-Railings.-Steps.-Rust-removal-and-refinishing.-Wicker-Park.-Bucktown-West-Town-11.jpg

Wicker Park. Fence and stairs.

Wrought iron fence, railings and stairs preparation for winter. all rust, peeling paint, dirt […]
Interior_painting - Lincoln-Park-condominium.-Chicago-painter-2.jpg

Lincoln Park condominium

Scope of work: remove existing wallpaper, wash the walls, prime the walls with oil-based […]

Logan Square apartment

The scope of work included: New trims: fill nail holes, caulk gaps between quarter […]

Chicago Wicker Park fences, parkway fences, stairs, handrails and balconies painting

Protect plants, shrubs and  furniture with painters plastic. Clean all metal from the dust […]

Lincoln Park front fence and cornice refinishing

Rust was removed with angle grinder.  Attachment used:  40 grit flap discs and twisted […]

Millennium Park Chicago Downtown highrise condominium

Three days project / two painters. The scope of work included: walls repair – […]

Lincoln Park wallpaper accent wall

Scope of work: Repair drywall damages, Paint the trims with Sherwin Williams white semi-gloss […]

Ukrainian Village condominium

Scope or work: Protect all floors with red rosin contractor paper, Living built in: […]

Noble Square condominium

Repair drywall damages like nail holes, stress cracks etc, Paint  bedrooms and bathroom walls […]

Roscoe Village plaster repair

The scope of work included: repair old plaster damages: stress cracks, nail holes, crumbling […]

Wicker Park house

Scope of work: 1st, 2nd floors and staircase painting: Ceilings: two coats of Benjamin […]

Lakeview drywall repair, installation

The job was performed on the first week of November. The full scope of […]

Noble square. Side and back metal porches.

Time of realization 5 days. September 2016. Both porches were extremely rusted. Top  layers […]

West Town. Back porch, fence and railings

Time of realization 3 days.  Early October 2016. Scope of work included: Remove rust […]

Wicker Park office

Small painting project. Time of realization one day / two painters / Saturday (day […]
Metal stairs, wrought iron fence rust removal and refinishing. Chicago painter. West Town. Wicker park. West Loop. River North. Gold Coast. Lincoln Park

Wicker Park metal porch rust treatment

Remove heavy rust with hammer, Remove rust with grinder – 36 grit flap disc […]